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I've been getting multiple GPU usage spikes from 50-5 causing mini lag spikes in a few games, I have more of a high end computer and have tried a few solutions all failing. These spikes happen.. Here's a list of things I tried: * Updating GPU drivers * Unparking CPU cores * Turning graphics and res to low * verifying game cache * moving GPU to another SLI slot * reinstalling windows * removing all Nvidia drivers and reinstalling them Also: * both the CPU and the SSD run at 5% when playing, that isnt the isue * GPU isnt overheated Edit: forgot to add some info, sorry, here it is. Here's my system: Intel Core i7 3820 @ 3.60GHz 16.0GB DDR3 ASUS SABERTOOTH X79 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX.

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  1. utes. During the baseline usage, my GPU and CPU run at about 90 deg C (hot I know), but temps do not change when usage spikes to 100%. Hence, I'm not sure if its just thermal throttling or not? This spiking occurred.
  2. By monitoring GPU usage, I see frequent usage drop in the GPU. For example, the GPU running at 95% then suddenly drops to 50% and I see a millisecond lag spike. It seems that it become worse when I run in front of many objects. Note: This issue is also happening in single player games so it can't be a network lag
  3. These two processes' resources skyrocket during these lag periods; but normally the GPU% is close to 0 with both these processes staying between 0 and 1 percent, and no way is the 39% on Firefox normal either - this is again what I mean by the GPU appearing stressed out. I've come to conclude that it's simply normally unintensive processes that suddenly amplify to an insane degree during these lag spikes, not that those processes are the root cause here. Needless to say both these dwm.exe.
  4. Go into settings on msi afterburner, turn on enable unified gpu usage monitoring. That's it. And just like that, problems disappeared. Everything is stable, no more lag spikes. This also fixed a huge problem I had with Nioh 2 not being able to run in borderless due to the clock speeds being capped at 400 when not in full screen
  5. GPU shoots 100% for a short time when playing games and causes FPS lag. On task manager, the GPU spikes to 100% when playing my games like Warframe and causes FPS lag. The temperature of my CPU is around 55-60 degrees when playing. I'm not sure what causes my GPU to suddenly spike up to 100%, which causes FPS spikes
  6. ecraft and fortnite. my fps will go from above 60 to below 30. it is not a software problem. i reinstalled windows and nothing changed. its not a software problem i have tried reinstalling windows disableing gamebar resetting bios got a new gpu switching to ethernet instead..
  7. RANDOM GPU SPIKES FROM 0% to 100% RADEON™ RX 570. Thread starter atkaizer; Start date Aug 12, 2020; A. atkaizer New member. Aug 12, 2020 #1 Hello, I have received my new desktop PC just a couple of days ago but as soon as it was connected I have noticed that the GPU Performance graph in Radeon control panel was showing that my GPU utilization was spiking from 0 to 100 even when the computer.

Re: Radeon RX580 constant lag spikes, poor performance pls uninstall all stuff like MSI Afterburner or OBS - those inject stuff into DX - what can cause your problems... then uninstall driver with DDU in safe-mod First you need to remove one stick of ram and try, then the other stick of ram and try, then remove the gpu and play on the internal gpu and check, if none of these fixes your problem you continue by removing the SSD/HDD, if you have an hdd and an sdd, try one by one, first on the HDD, then on the SSD, if not, then you need to borrow an HDD from your friends, then check the PSU, realistically the only way to check is to put another PSU and see if there are still issues I recently just installed LatencyMon and got the cpu throttle with the audio pops. Which that is what it does when sharing screen, the lag spikes and audio pop. If ANYONE has any remedy to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. Just want to also mention, gaming never have an issues, running stresstest never had lags or issues benchmark as well. Everything works perfectly fine, just. Five methods are available for you to fix the CPU randomly spikes to 100% issue. You can try them one by one until the computer performance issue is resolved. Method 1: Update your drivers. Method 2: Run a virus or malware scan. Method 3: Perform a clean boot Terrible lag spikes, low GPU usage and CPU usage First there were the release day server issues, then game crashes and the exe not even starting, then the GFX glitches (flickering), the zoomed in silliness and messed up FOV for surround and now these micro stutters and lag spikes with low CPU and GPU usage are driving me nuts

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In GTA V I get constant 60 fps on high settings but while this is happening my GPU Usage ranges from goes like 60%, 90%, 12%, 50% and so on. Basically just super unstable. This causes me to get huge lag spikes every minute or so which actually rubber bands me within the game making it nearly impossible to win a race. I don't have any overclocks and GTA V is the only game I see this issue Fix Call of Duty Warzone Stutter, Lag, High CPU Usage, Crash, FPS Drops, Freezing - YouTube - Adjust the in-game settings accordingly. Try to apply the lowest settings possible and see if the issues still persists. Slightly increase the settings until lag starts again. Solution D - Update to the newest CPU driver or roll-back to the previous version if the lag starts after a new update Solution E - Check the temperature of your CPU. Google for apps that can assist you with this task

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  1. To fix the League of Legends lag spikes issue, you can switch to another DNS. If you don't know how to change DNS on Windows 10, this post provides you with detailed steps. Then you need to set the Preferred DNS server to , the Alternative DNS server to
  2. PUBG: random lag spikes with GPU frequency core drops from 1911Mhz to 1520Mhz and GPU usage drops. Rocket League: random lag spikes when a player join a match and during the match with fps drops. GTA V: literally unplayable without VSync, stuttering every seconds. Rust and Ark: random lag spikes and when loading chunks with fps drops
  3. I have a workaround for 100% CPU / lag spikes that dramatically reduces them, both how often they occur and how long they last: No downloads or installs are required, but this solution might limit..
  4. Consistant lag spikes in any game and Windows: Laptop Overheating When on Charge and Playing Games Causes Odd Lag Spikes: Random Lag spikes: Laptop : Asus rog fps drops with gpu spiking to 99%: Asus G501 Lag Spike (Heat Issue?) Toshiba Satellite S55-C faces lag spikes when running intensive programs/games: Random lag spikes for 1-2 seconds.
  5. Game is unplayable with these lag spikes. For a second it reaches up to 2000. It happens every 10 to 30 seconds. So far: I contacted my ISP they said The issue is not caused because of us Restarted my router and renewed IP Changed and flushed my DNS No matter what I do, every first month of the league this problem persist. Here is my WinMT

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Strange GPU Lag Spikes Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Sexy, May 18, 2013. Sexy. Okay so first off - My Asus G74SX Laptop has an Nvidia Gefore GTX 560m. An intel i7 - 2670QM 2.2ghz. So - All of the sudden about an hour ago, I started getting huge lag spikes. I ALWAYS have a steady 60FPS no matter how big the battle is, but today I'm spiking down to 5 and 6 fps. With the 1070 installed my gpu usage constantly spikes, as i am typing this the voltage is at 650 mv as it spikes it jumps to 800 mv. The entire computer lags even typing and moving the mouse can be a pain. I have tried about 10 different drivers for the card and to no avail i still get the spikes. When in game the voltage ramps up to where it should be and system stabilizes. exiting the game.

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Each Java Instance/Process has a really high CPU usage. (2%-8% Idle , 20%-30% with 15+ players). The server has Micro Lag Spikes when theres few people , but when it gets to 40+ it starts Freezing. I have constant 19,8~ TPS with no players , i never had more than 19,88 TPS. With 10 players it varies from 19,7 TPS to 18,4 TPS. Im hosting in a VPS I already runt this game on a GT 730, never had lag spikes etc. Also, if I was dropping packets, I would rubber band, but I don't, It's my game that just wants to lag because this game is garbage apparently, props for fixing several bugs, but I still cannot understand why my game lags, considering my cpu ram etc doesn't go even above 60% It sounds like egpu cpu bottleneck or latency mater, yes I feel that also on some games like FFXV, Nier Automata, those are mostly not good optimized games that's why I set not on highest setting on such games but on standard or high, maybe laptop as eGPU host would have not also optimized transfer data smoothly. Now I'm playing shadow of Tomb Raider that usually good optimized on my 2080. Lag spikes occur usually because of periodic moments of network unresponsiveness or delays in commands. Whatever the problem is that's causing your lag spikes, with this guide you should be able to correctly identify the cause so you can get on with your gaming session As the title says i have been experiencing huge lag spikes that last anywhere from 6-9 secondsevery 30-40 seconds or so. It kind of makes it unplayable. The weird thing is that i dont teleport forward or anything like that, it just continues from where it left of. I'm using P3D v 4.5, any replies would be appriciated

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FIXED LAG SPIKES BY TURNING MY NVIDIA 3D QUALITY TO PERFORMANCE. Last edited by Axel 2011-01-19T03:47:48+00:00, edited 1 time in total. Piotrekol. 1,002 posts Joined March 2010. Piotrekol 2011-01-18T21:45:37+00:00. bRiGhT wrote: Yea for some reason i get random Lag spikes when i play OSU like when i start a BEATMAP or go in the Option Modifier Screen. i have friends that play OSU! and have a. Massive GPU/Lag Spikes - posted in Fallout 4 Discussion: PROBLEM: Within roughly 15-30 minutes of seamless gameplay (60fps), I experience massive lag spikes. The frame rate drops from roughly 60fps to 15-20fps; the lag lasts for around 3 seconds each time before reverting to 60 FPS again. These spikes usually occur within 2 minutes of each other

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How to fix lag spikes in Minecraft: Stop the game from lagging. If lag is making Minecraft unplayable, check out our guide on how to prevent lag spikes. by Oliver Barsby• Jul 21, 2021. If lag spikes have hit you hard in Minecraft, ruining your experience, or in some cases, leading to your death, we've got the answers you seek right here! Even if you're playing on a great gaming laptop or. I get lag spikes. Well i don't know how else to describe them. It happens in every game. But it doesen't happen alot. Maybe once every 10 minutes. But it only starts after around 30min playtime. When it happens on Forza Horizon 4 i get black artefacts. It's like the fps drop to single digits for about 5 seconds. Sometimes shorter A CPU spike is a sudden increase in processor utilization, Programs tend to lag when this state continues for a prolonged period, as not enough resources can be allocated to them. Playing high-graphic computer games may cause CPU spikes. In newer versions of Microsoft Windows®, the CPU monitor in the task manager enables users to check the degree of CPU utilization. Percentages and graphs. Lag spikes are one of the oldest problems in PC gaming. Many Minecraft players encounter lag spikes frequently. As already mentioned this is very problematic. If lag spikes occur while you're out exploring and a mob of enemies appears than you might surely get killed. This is very frustrating, which is exactly why lag spikes are a big issue. Fortunately, lag spikes are easily fixable. Just.

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Sudden and long lag spikes happening during matches, especially prone to happen when pressing shift to enter or exit zoom, or switching between shell types or torps. Also takes an exceptionally and unusually long time to load if I switch to a different ship in port, and I can tell it is lagging a.. For example here is lag spike that is caused by loading from HDD, as you hover over those spikes, they tell bit more. Here as CPU waited data from HDD, Render process took long time to complete, you can see how it is at position of FPS drop, just hit freeze when spike happens and then hover over with mouse and it can give some idea what is happening. View attachment 539707 If spike is on GPU. Because as i mentioned below , just played 10min DM with 0 spikes after re-updating my GPU drivers. Yet i want to play 1-2 comp. games before the final conclusion. 2019-02-10 01:05 #9 | SillyBillyN1664. Same to me in every game and even in console i use wifi When my family is home it happens quite often But when nobody is home i never lag spike Maybe too many devices connected. 2019-02-07 00.

I then tried using the adaptive option in the GPU settings instead. That really helped a lot. The game actually ran smother than it did before I even had this problem. I tested it in both ETS2 and ATS. I couldn't reproduce the lag spike issue in ATS anymore, but I still could in ETS2. The lag spikes did seem to be occurring less frequently. I don't lag for like 5-20 seconds at a time then randomly have 2-3 spikes Keep in mind; These lag spikes are displayed as huge white lines in the lagometer in optifine; I have MalwareBytes so I doubt it's a virus; Task manager says it isn't anything else hogging up CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. If you have a solution, PLEASE let me know! It would be. Hence, they face issues like lag spikes, rubberbanding, etc. In order to get around the Battlefield 1 lag issue, I highly recommend you to give the system requirements mentioned below a quick go through and see if your PC meets the game's requirements. Do keep in mind that if you are just barely meeting the game's minimum requirements, a few lag related issues are imminent. Consequently. Radeon Anti-Lag controls the pace of the CPU work to make sure it doesn't get too far ahead of the GPU, reducing the amount of CPU work queued up. As a result, Radeon Anti-Lag can shrink input lag by almost a full frame 1 helping to restore the responsiveness to your game. rgba(0,0,0,1) rgba(225,225,226,0) Enhance Your eSports Experience by Delivering Fast Click-to-Response Times with Radeon.

You can also set up config.ini with the steps below to solve the lag spikes POE. Step 1: Move to the Stream Library and find the Path of Exile. Step 2: Click Properties and browse the game's local files. Step 3: Find production_config.ini and open it. Step 4: After opening the program, search for DISPLAY by pressing Ctrl + F I Have Lag Spikes Every 15 seconds, i get the A call into the windows API took to long recently and led to a stutter Message and my CPU Usage Goes to 100%, GPU Goes to 10-15% and 15 fps during these lag spikes! What are you trying to do? I Just Play. With these Lag Spikes the game becomes unplayable. It Affects Audio, And its impossible.

There are many different reasons why Lag Spikes happen in League of Legends and while some of these reasons might sound familiar to you because of similar or same problems in other games, there are a few unusual reasons why this might be happening. The problem could be because of your computer not meeting the recommended system requirements for the game and could also be because of your game. 8. I am having an issue with my Radeon RX 550 having very bad lag spikes every 3-5 minutes on West Coast USA. I will be driving around like normal, and then the fps will tank to like 5fps for like 5 minutes and then go back to normal. I have already tried clearing the cache, disabling any mods, and even reinstalling the game, but to no avail While playing this game though I get crazy lag spikes, I disabled skins with graphics.itemskins 0 but it's still lagging, I first thought it was lag from skin downloads, but there's no way it is with that previous command. The servers I play on are normally 30-40ms ping, but I get lag spikes from 2000ms to 15k+ms. Before I got the new gpu I never had this issue, and if I play any other games I. Why does my CPU keep spiking? How do you fix CPU spikes? How do I fix random lag spikes? Can high CPU cause lag? Why is my CPU usage at 100%? What causes 100 CPU usage? Is 100 GPU usage bad? How long can a CPU run at 100 C? How much CPU usage is normal for gaming? Why is my ping so high but my..

CPU 100% lag spike. Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by brord, Nov 17, 2012. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Offline brord. Since minecraft 1.4.2, my server, and a lot of otehr servers, have been experiencing a CPU lagg spike. Everything runs fine, as usual, nolagg gives 20.0 tps, but once in couple of minutes, 1 of my server his CPUs reaches 100% uasge, the other CPUs go to. On single core CPU-s any background process which needs the CPU may cause lag spikes. When loading world chunks from disk any background process which works with the disk may cause lag spikes. 1.D. Disk swapping When Minecraft tries to allocate more memory as physically is available, part of the memory has to be swapped to disk and this may cause heavy lag storms. These lag storms may also. Because I keep an eye out for CPU spikes in Process Explorer's tray icon, which show up as green or red for user-mode (application) and kernel-mode (operating system and drivers) CPU usage, respectively, I've identified several application bugs over the last few months. In this post, I'll share how I used both Process Explorer and another tool, Kernrate, to identify a problem with a. POE lag spikes are definitely taking a toll on enjoying the whole game, which is why we are here to help you get rid of this problem in just a few steps. Path of Exile Unplayable Lag . POE is not a new game, which is why it must not create trouble for you to play games. However, it has a set of minimum requirements that must be present on your PC. If not, there is a massive chance that you.

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I am having an issue with extreme CPU spikes (50-100%) coupled with general computer lag. I've searched around and found someone on a Windows 7 forum that describes exactly what I'm experiencing right now. To quote: Problem: -My computer is getting random performance lags that last 3-5 seconds Summary of the problem Huge CPU lag spikes Pack Version 1.1.0 What is the bug? :Footage of the bug happening in-game Basically, every few seconds while I'm doing something, my CPU will max out at 99% (the problem is caused by FTB; no other programs are spiking, and I have as little.. Laptop Lag spikes alle 3 Minuten? Hallo, seit gestern Abend habe ich auf meinem Laptop Lag Spikes welche heute immer noch da sind. Mehrmaliges Hoch- und Runterfahren bringt dabei nichts. Das Problem ist auch sehr neu und habe ich so noch nie erlebt. Der Laptop war sonst immer einwandfrei und ich habe meine Lieblingsspiele mit 150+ FPS gespielt

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Then at the lower-left corner select Red Dead Redemption 2, which will display your options for the game. Scrolling down to the bottom you'll find a Launch Arguments section, where you should input the newly added argument (on the 14th November 2019 patch ): -cpuLoadRebalancing. Don't forget the - A ton of things can cause them. Playing online off diff things cause lag spikes. Most common will be. -PC not plugged in. GPU alone takes more power at full load then the battery can supply. So if you don't have it plugged into the wall you will go full fps then drop to 10 then back to full and drop to 10 off and on like that every few seconds I have a acer nitro 5 AN515-54-54W2, got less then a year ago. Ever since I got it i have been experiencing some lag spikes/issues on games like Black Ops 3 and Warzone every few seconds, its very unplayable due to the lag not fps.(pretty much any game) I don't know what else to do anymore so I came to the acer community to find out an answer Hallo, Ich habe seit Jahren das Problem mit Counter-Strike spielen, dass ich des öfteren einfach solche Lag Spikes habe. Das hatte ich schon bei CS:S und jetzt bei CS:GO. Dabei habe ich immer.

This will allow you to enjoy a better performance and to prevent lag spikes. Adjusting affinity will let you choose the CPU cores that you prefer the game to run on. The specific core that you select for Overwatch will be always used instead of others. Keep in mind that this is an option that should only be modified if you are an advanced gamer. If you don't have experience and don't know. Durch neue CPU Lag spikes? Diskutiere und helfe bei Durch neue CPU Lag spikes? im Bereich Prozessoren im SysProfile Forum bei einer Lösung; Ich habe seit meinem neuen CPU im Spiel alle paar Sekunden Lag spikes, die Temperatur bei meiner Cpu ist immer im Spiel zwischen 45-55 grad, liegt das... Dieses Thema im Forum Prozessoren wurde erstellt von AnonymerAnwalt, 24 CPU spikes to 100% I7 4790K Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by J0hn978, Jul 7, 2020. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > J0hn978. So for some reason the game has started having CPU spikes to 100% for me lately, game freezes for about 5 seconds and then resumes going back to like 50-60% usage approximately and around 100-150fps at the warpgate. Im running the game on high settings with shadows off and.

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Valorant lag spikes fi Lag spikes often happen due to getting high ping or experiencing packet loss and FPS drops just flat out make the game run less smooth and spiky. Most games, even the clients you run them with, have an FPS counter you can set up. If your game can handle the system requirements and still get FPS drops, this is most likely caused by not having enough RAM. For lag spikes, this is an entirely. Specific GPU (Choose which GPU to use) For the most system performance, use the High Performance option. In case your GPU is bottlenecking your performance, then you should set it to Let Windows Decide. Don't forget to apply your changes. Temporary Files. Your hard-drive might be cluttered with unwanted files. These files will induce lag if not. GPU lag spikes and FPS jumps caused by the radar --- Bug: When Radar On - for me GPU usage jumps from zero to 99% and back, FPS drops from 60 to 5 and back. Radar Off - stable 99 GPU usage, no FPS drops. Can I reproduce it 100%: yes How to reproduce/ description: Turn on your task manager and obs..

1. I started getting slutters while gaming and sudden lag spikes. 2. Downloaded MSI Afterburner Monitored my GPU and CPU usage and found that whenever there are fast moves or heavy vegetation the. Re: Frequent lag spikes when gaming Is your laptop on a flat surface? If you have it sitting on your lap or a bed the clothing or blankets will block the CPU vents this will over heat the CPU. You also can try a Laptop cooling fan. Other then that what Zerdus said is correct this is not an easy fix on a laptop Low gpu, high cpu, fps drops and ind spikes. I have i5-3330 and RTX2060. Everything on low, 1920x1080, borderless fullscreen, cant get stable 120 fps. Man, I can't even get stable 60 fps, cuz there is always drops for no reason (like drops in practice range). Going to windowed mode ~1500x850 gives ~120-140 fps (drops to 50-60 in big fights.

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Firstly the problem, when i play video games, my cpu frequency, according to the resource monitor, spikes to around 110-120%. When these spikes occur, the games either lag, or all together stop. Secondly, the exact history. The lags began some time around 2 weeks ago on a game called Archeage.. Check out the below guide for Rust game stuttering, lag spikes, and freezing fix. We have given a few solutions and methods to resolve these issues that you can try out. By Phil James Last updated May 29, 2021. Share . Rust players are faced with many server related connectivity issues and pc performance-related issues since its 2013 early access release. It was full of unstable servers and a. Web browsers use WebGL to render pages, so just like a CPU it will just spike up and down depending on what's going on. My Ret Paladin. Reply With Quote. 2016-03-21, 04:55 PM #3. Stonecloak. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Started Threads Immortal Join Date Sep 2012 Posts 7,880 . Originally Posted by Dukenukemx. For a web browser, that's normal. Web browsers use WebGL to. Checking Task Manager during these occurrences i see CPU spike every time it happens, avg. CPU is about 25% but when this occurs it is hitting 95-100% just for the period of time I experience the lag spike in game. Seems to happen regardless of what I am doing in game, e.g. I could be mining or just walking in a straight line and it will occur Lag spikes when I'm playing csgo. High results latencymon High results latencymon Discussion in ' Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section ' started by shifty29 , Jun 21, 2020

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I FIXED MY LAG SPIKES, AND STUTTERING!!!! im sure many of you have been having the same issues as me. I have an above spec pc, and was fiddling around tryinng to get a steady fps. I would experience frequent lag spikes down to 20-30 then back up over 100, happening every 4-5 seconds, and i could nnot for hte life of me figure out what was going on Random CPU spikes and performance lag Hi everyone. Ok so after relentless searching online for this problem, and the solution that might be out there , I've finally decided to just post here about it. Problem: -My computer is getting random performance lags that last 3-5 seconds. -The cpu usage will jump when it happens; anywhere from 50-100% -It's completely random and is very hard to catch.

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Y520 - Fps Drops/Lag Spikes after short period of gaming! 2018-09-13, 16:24 PM . Sorry if I've posted in the wrong place, I'm new here I have a Lenovo Y520 (Y520-15IKBN) and I've been using it for over a year now, and so far everything has been working perfectly fine. Last summer I started playing Destiny 2 and it has run relatively well so far - nearly constant 60 FPS. Over the last month or. Just wanted to add, that I've begun having these spikes as well. Mine however sometimes last up to 5 seconds. I've been keeping an eye on my entire system, and there's no problem with either of my GPU's, neither my CPU. I however noticed that most of the spikes appear, as soon as the sound from an exploding ship is about to occur. I can't confirm this 100%, but the past 4 times, this.

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I mean, no CPU or GPU spikes, video decode was offloaded to GPU (CPU usage was lower), and I noticed NO frame lags in the stream at all, with 100ms latency (so live view could have been totally ok on the projection screen). I am a man of faith, but when it comes to tech, I am straight scared of miracles like this.. Lag Spikes, but good fps - posted in Fallout 4 Discussion: So my PC can run an Ultra Modded Fallout 4 at least I think, but I am still getting a serious lag spike especially in the city and it really kicks me out of the game. I was wondering if anyone was willing to help me or has had this problem as well. Any help will be appreciated Hey I've been having problems since I bought my lenovo y50 with the 860m gpu and dota 2. I would randomly get spikes that would make my gpu drop to 0% and lag for 1-2 seconds but by the grace of God I stumbled onto this and I think the thing about cuda might be spot on. Ever since I turned off cuda and threading I haven't had any spikes yet. Low CPU/GPU usage spikes when gaming - Dell Inspiron 15 7567. I have been playing a game called Dauntless and find myself getting bad lag spikes (down to single FPS) every two minutes or so (starting a couple days ago). I noticed my CPU and GPU drop from 40%-80% usage to 10%-20% usage and my GPU clocks drop a lot (and my CPU too I assume)

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Solved Random lag spikes caused by CPU. Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Spegot, May 4, 2020. Spegot . I'm having 2 main issues on my server right now. Firstly, I get random cpu usage spikes which cause the ping to go up to 1000ms randomly, and I can't figure out why. The second is that when players teleport into new chunks, they often get stuck in those chunks and are unable to get out. Lag Spikes while listening to music and playing games. It's been over 2 weeks since I'm having serious performance issues on a Dell Inspiron 7567. I am having lag spikes, system wide, and I noticed that when these happened my HD 630 GPU hit the 100% usage always. - Updating all my drivers Fix #07 - Launch Commands to Fix Fortnite Lag Spikes. As mentioned, you may be facing problems due to FPS lag. Follow these steps to solve this problem: Download the FPS pack from Panjno. This will provide you with the file that contains all the necessary files to help you increase the FPS. Once you have downloaded it, copy all the items in the Game Files folder. Open the Windows search bar.