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Scroll down a bit to the Feature support in particular profiles table. It shows what techniques are allowed in each profile. This would pertain to things like trying to set custom encoder parameters (though most of the ones you would edit to improve quality for the typical usage scenarios in OBS aren't really affected by this all that much However, the best way to find your best settings is to test, test, and test again. This guide is focused entirely on streaming with the x264 encoder. This is what the vast majority of OBS users will be using when they stream. For local recordings, your choice of encoder is far less relevant than your actual settings and in many cases a hardware.

OBS Streaming über x264 Startseite » OBS Profil; Tune; x264-Optionen; 1. Streaming . Wir beziehen uns in diesem Tutorial nur auf den Streaming-Reiter, da die anderen Reiter erstmal nur für die Aufnahme gedacht sind und für uns nicht relevant sind. 2. Kodierer. Der Kodierer steht für die Methode, mit dem wir den Stream verarbeiten. Dazu wird üblicherweise entweder die CPU, hier mit. StreamLabs OBS Optimierte x264 Profile. Dream; 6. Januar 2018; Erledigt; Dream. Likes 2 Beiträge 32. 6. Januar 2018 #1; Hallo, seit ein paar Tagen wurde von StreamLabs eine eigene Version von OBS veröffentlicht . Auf der Webseite wird folgendes erwähnt: Zitat von StreamLabs. Up to 2x better video encoding Optimized game specific x264 & Nvenc encoder settings. Reduce CPU usage by more than. This setting controls how x264 decides between placing a P- or B-frame. 0=disabled: pick B-frames always. partitions: H.264 video is split up into 16x16 macroblocks during compression. These blocks can be further split up into smaller partitions, which is what this option controls. ultrafast value=none

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OBS Studio Support. Windows Support. Question / Help Profile Main or High for streaming and other questions. Thread starter CatCatTacoTaco; Start date Sep 23, 2019; C. CatCatTacoTaco New Member. Sep 23, 2019 #1 Getting back into streaming after 4 years and I have 2 possibly silly questions.. Which best x264 encoder parameters for max quality streaming in 1080p29.97fps with a sharp image? Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Search within r/obs. r/obs. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. Found the internet! 1. Best x264 encoder settings for max quality streaming in 1080p29.97fps? Close. 1. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. Best. Typically there are two encoding options inside OBS; x264, and, NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new). Using the NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new) is typically the best option, especially when streaming gameplay. The NVENC encoder uses a dedicated chip of the graphics card to encode and create the stream. Encoding with the x264 method will use the computer's CPU. [Update: I can finally see a difference. but ONLY in the trees on the top right in the background. watch the final 2/3 of this video to see the difference an..

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If you're using x264 (CPU) to encode your stream on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook, you should watch this video to ensure that you have the best quality. This. H.264 Profiles. The standard includes the following seven sets of capabilities, which are referred to as profiles, targeting specific classes of applications:. Baseline Profile (BP): Primarily for lower-cost applications with limited computing resources, this profile is used widely in videoconferencing and mobile applications. Main Profile (MP): Originally intended as the mainstream consumer. In Today's Video, I go over the best OBS Studio settings for both NVENC h.263 and x264 Options! :)LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CONTENT!-----..

x264 Einstellungen für Steaming über OBS. 5. Januar 2019. 5. Januar 2019. wollte mal fragen ob der ein oder andere ein Paar Optimierungs Einstellungen für Gaming Steaming hätte. Zur Zeit wird das Original Bild von 2560x1440 auf 1280x720 Umskaliert. Die x264 Option Zeile ist noch leer, hier hoffe ich das der ein oder andere ein paar. CPU Usage Preset is only relevant if you're using software encoding, x264. It will determine how much CPU power you wish to use to render the video. The slower you set it, the higher the video quality, however the higher the CPU usage is. Generally the sweet spot is 'veryfast'. Profile: In most cases you will want to set 'Main' as the.

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  2. For information on what options these settings toggle, check the output of x264.exe --fullhelp. profile. Default: not set. Limit the profile of the output stream. If you specify a profile, it overrides all other settings, so if you use it, you will be guaranteed a compatible stream. If you set this option, you cannot use lossless encoding --qp 0 or --crf 0). You should set this if you know.
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Obs Profiles are one of the things that can be over looked and as I'm very organised *cough not cough* sometimes I forget and leave things out of my videos a.. Main vs High vs Baseline Profiles on OBS. Question. Curious on the opinion on what is better? It's funny that I've been streaming for a year and haven't selected one, I've been on none the whole time. 2 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by: best. level 1 · 3y. High is supported by all not. Low profile; CPU usage is equivalent to x264 profile ultrafast but optimized for gameplay. If you use a dedicated stream PC to encode, or you have a powerful single PC that manages to go slower than very fast, it would not be best to use the optimized encoder settings, as no higher profile exists at this moment. If you do not see the pop-up to set the game or title, make sure that Confirm.

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x264 Profiles x264 profiles, perhaps more accurately called MeGUI profiles, are supported by a number of encoding applications that use the x264 CLI encoder. The advantage to using profiles is that they can be used to apply the same default settings to repeated encodes and its relatively little effort to keep using them if you switch to another application, such as from AutoMKV to StaxRip or. Log in with any streaming platform. All of your settings are automatically optimized. Get unique themes, engaging widgets, integrated chat, & customizable alerts Bevor du OBS installierst, Wenn der Encoder x264 ist, verwende die folgenden Einstellungen: Rate Control: CBR; Bitrate: Die empfohlene (siehe Tabelle oben) Keyframe Interval (seconds, 0=auto): 1; CPU Usage Preset (higher=less CPU): superfast ; Profile: main; Tune: zerolatency; x264-Optionen (durch Leerzeichen getrennt)bframes=3 b-adapt=0 partitions=none scenecut=0 no-weightb weightp=0. Jetzt mein Problem. Wenn ich streame ( obs, x264 Codec, 3500Bitrate, CBR/VBR, fastet/fast/Medium CPU Presets ) habe verpixelten Stream. Habe sogar mit 10k Bitrate versucht, das gleiche. Skaliere.

Profile: High; Look-ahead: Checked; Psycho Visual Tuning: Checked; GPU: 0. If you are using only 1 GPU, then set this to 0. If you are using multiple GPU, your number will adjust based on which GPU you want to use. Max B-Frames: 2; If you are using x264 Encoder: Rate Control: CBR; Bitrate: Max 6,500 Kbps if you are a non-partnered Twitch. Profile: High. Tune: zerolatency (x264) Setting Summary. If you are having trouble following this article then you can copy and paste the settings below. x264 Only. Encoder: x264; Rate Control: CBR (or CRF) CRF: 30-32 (CRF only) Bitrate: 4500-5500 (CBR only) Buffer Size: 35000 (optional, CBR only) CPU Usage Preset: superfast; Profile: High. Most, however, do not; as a result, there is rarely any negative effect to setting this to the maximum (16) since x264 will, if B-adapt is used, automatically choose the best number of B-frames anyways. This parameter simply serves to limit the max number of B-frames. Notes: - Baseline Profile, such as that used by iPods, does not support B. If you are using the x264 encoder use the Twitch guidelines as a reference. To find out what your internet speed is you can use handy services such as Speedtest. The next settings called Keyframe Interval, Preset, Profile, Look-ahead, Psycho Visual Tuning, and Max B-frames are all dependent on the encoder yo

X264 is selected for the encoder The best settings for OBS recording As you get used to how to use OBS for recording, it's useful to understand all the settings - so you know which are the most useful and how best to use them OBS Welchen Encoder? Hi Leute, momentan ist der Encoder: x264 ausgewählt, doch diesen Encoder wählt man ja eigentlich nur aus, wenn man einen guten Prozessor verbaut hat. Hier meine Specs: Grafikkarte: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 2GB, Prozessor: Intel Core i5 8400 2.80GHz, Ram: 8Gb

OBS Studio(以下OBS)には、プロファイルという便利な機能があります。なぜ便利かというと、複数の設定を保存しておけるからです。たとえば、以下のようなケースで役立つでしょう。 配信サイトごとに複数の設定を保存しておきたい

六.配置(Profile) Profile是与H264 这种编码 obs-x264.c 文件中 gop_size 对应于x264的i_keyint_max static void update_params(struct obs_x264 *obsx264, obs_data_t *settings, char **params) { video_t *video = obs_encoder_video(obsx264->en. OBS 电脑推流直播指南. weixin_34920636的博客. 11-03 3104 文章目录前言一、系统环境要求二、下载安装 OBS 软件. Medium profile; CPU usage is equivalent to x264 profile very fast but optimized for gameplay. Low profile ; CPU usage is equivalent to x264 profile ultrafast but optimized for gameplay. If you use a dedicated stream PC to encode, or you have a powerful single PC that manages to go slower than very fast, it would not be best to use the optimized encoder settings, as no higher profile exists at. Profiles and Levels H.264 profiles. Define the features / capabilities that the encoder can use. HandBrake exposes 3 profiles for H.264 Encodes. You can think of the profile as the level of complexity required in encode / decode. The higher the complexity, the more CPU power is needed to encode/decode. Setting a profile, constrains the encode. obs设置x264编码和显卡解码详细教程(新版本) lst1921. 2017-03-05 cpu(老版本是x264,新版本是软件)解码肯定会比显卡(老版本nvidia nvenc,新版本是硬件)解码要好那么一丢丢,但cpu用在直播的时候,消耗是比较大的,所以解码是解出来,但效果并没有达到自己想要的那样,所以才会有了用显卡解码.

Streamlabs OBS Profile erstellen? Hallo, ich richte gerade mein Streamlabs OBS neu ein und würde gerne, so wie in OBS Studio, mehrere Profile einrichten. 1x ein Streamprofil wo ich mit 6000 Bitrate Streamen kann und mit vllt 15.000 aufnehmen. 1x ein Aufnahmeprofil (für Let's Plays oder so) mit einer Bitrate von 25.000 Set Profile to high, select Psycho visual tuning, GPU to 0 and Max B-frames to 2. This should be you all set up to record if you are using NVENC. If You Selected Software x264. If you selected software x264 the settings are slightly different. You will still want to set Rate Control to CBR and Bitrate to 15,000. Keyframe interval should be set to 0. CPU usage Preset should be set to Veryfast. That all being said, I will guide you into why OBS is the software to go with x264, regardless of the current offering of today. If you've come here and intend to still use h264, this guide is not for you. It is all CPU oriented although I will cover explanations for iGPU's which uses h264 and might be better to minimize performance impact if you haven't done it already compared dGPU's h264. When it comes to encoders, there are two types: software (x264) and hardware (NVENC). The software encoder (x264) will use your CPU to encode video, while hardware encoders like NVENC will offload the encoding process to your GPU. Picking the encoder that works best for you depends on a few factors Bei Problemen hilft zunächst ein x264 --fullhelp, das mit einer kurzen Erklärung sämtliche verfügbaren Parameter auflistet. Außerdem verrät uns der Befehl ganz am Anfang seiner Ausgabe die x264-Revisionsnummer und ob der Encoder mit Unterstützung für AviSynth und MP4 compiliert wurde. AviSynth ist Grundvoraussetzung, damit wir arbeiten.

Hi, I've used the same OBS settings for awhile now and it worked really great! But My Encoder was missing later on, i ended up finding out that i needed to update my amd radeon drivers, so when I did it came back (yay) but the downside was that my videos were now choppy for some reason, even though i used the same settings i have used from before. I also don't want to use x264 because the. Profile: Main/High; 720p 30fps — x264. Resolution: 1280x720; Bitrate: 3000 kbps; Rate Control: CBR; Framerate: 25 or 30 fps; Keyframe Interval: 2 seconds; Preset: veryfast <-> medium; Profile: Main/High; Recommended Bitrate for YouTube. Bitrate on YouTube gets slightly more complicated as YouTube allows for video streaming at a higher quality than normal HD 1080p. In most cases, the settings.


Diese Profile legen die zu verwendenden Parameter des Encodings fest, denn nach Standardnorm dürfen nicht alle Merkmale beliebig verwendet werden. Im Standard ITU-T H.264 wurden ebenfalls verschiedene H.264 Levels definiert, welche die maximalen Videogrößen, Bitraten und weitere Parameter wie die Anzahl der erlaubten Macroblöcke des Videocodec H.264 festlegen Click on the Profile menu and select New. Give your profile a name. On the main OBS interface click on Settings and we'll start making some changes. The most critical settings for us will be in. OBS mehrere einstellung durchprobiert und Renderer steht auf Direct3D11, kann da auch nichts anderes auswählen. OBS mehrmals deinstalliert und installiert und mit CCleaner registry auf fehler bereinigt und Chache gesäubert. Andere Streaming Programme installiert, aber alles nur schwarzbild wenn man Fenster oder Spielaufnahme wählte But here is the key insight: x264 profiles (as used in OBS) were developed for a generalized use case; not for gaming and certainly not for a specific game. So by specializing the use case, there are gains to be made. The gains (images and videos below) we found were the following: Weak CPUs — for users with weak CPUs and who are forced to use presets like ultrafast or superfast, the gains.

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  1. g, so you will need to edit the settings when there is no stream running from OBS Studio. Click on Audio. Go to Track 1 and adjust Audio Bitrate.
  2. 예전에는 x264를 더 많이 사용했기 때문에 지금도 이렇게 작업하고 있는곳이 많아서. 이런 테스트를 통해서 많은 분들이 잘 아시면 좋을것 같아서 리뷰를 진행해 봤습니다. 인터넷방송 obs세팅 x264와 h.264 코덱의 차이점을 알아봤습니다. 여기까지, it.
  3. g capabilities, it is also possible to record your computer screen as well. This tutorial will cover the settings you can optimize to achieve the best quality recording. Learn more.
  4. Best OBS Settings for Twitch Before you begin tweaking your OBS settings, you'll first have to download OBS on your computer. To do so, you'll need to visit the official OBS site and download the latest version of the OBS installation file. The OBS Studio 27.0.1 was recently released in June and is free to download on Windows, macOS, or.
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OBS einstellungen : Kodierung : x264 , alle häckchen drinnen , max bitrate ( Kbit/s 1400 ) , puffergrösse (Kbit 1700 ) ich habe bei diesen einstellungen alles ausprobiert trotzdem nichts :/ Audiokodierung : codec aac , bitrate 64 , format 44.1 Khz , stereo . Video : 1920 x 1080 , runterscallieren auf 1.5 : 1280 x 720 , filter bilinear , fps 30. Erweitert : Allgemein : alle häckchen drinnen. Das ist eigentlich ganz einfach, wenn ihr das OBS installiert habt und es zum ersten Mal startet, öffnet sich ein Einrichtung Assistent. Wenn ihr diesen Schritten folgt, habt ihr schon 90 % fertig eingerichtet. Der Rest ist ein Klacks! Ihr klickt unten links auf das Zahnrad und es öffnet sich die Einstellungen von OBS. Geht dann auf Ausgabe und klickt auf den Streaming-Reiter. Output Mode. The latest version of OBS is OBS Studio 27.1.3 was released on October 4th, 2021. It is available for free download for macOS 10.13 or newer, Windows 8, 8.1, and 10, as well as Ubuntu 18.04 operating systems. For the Linux version, FFmpeg is required 打开 obs,进入设置,点击左边的输出,在【编码器】这里就能看到支持的编码方法。 X264 就是软解了,非常耗费 CPU,其他的都是硬解。 如果 A 卡 N 卡的编码器同时存在,优先推荐把不玩游戏那张卡拿来加速 If pushing stream with x264 codec, recommended profile is baseline. If you are using x264 encoding to push the stream, it is recommended that profile=baseline to avoid frequent video jitter. The current local test latency is about 1 second. Example: Run River; cargo run -- --http-player-port=8080 --ws-h264-port=18000. Push with OBS, x264, tune=zerolatency, CBR, preset=veryfast, profile.

When recording in 720p, then make sure to set the bitrate to 3000. Set your Keyframe Interval to 2, Preset to Quality and Profile to Main. For low-end PC's I suggest using Performance as your preset. Lastly, set the GPU option to 0 and Max B-Frames to 2 as well. You should now be able to record your screen in 1080p with a mic using OBS Studio x264エンコード設定調整者のてぃるです。 x264エンコード設定は、XSplit Broadcaster(XSplit)でそのまま使用可能な状態にしています。他のライブ配信ソフトでは、調整する必要があるかもしれません。 Best Live Streaming Software More than just a screen recorder, XSplit Broadcaster is the b www.xsplit.com 別のnote「高画質

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Nur mal so kurz OBS genutzt. - x264 = CPU / NVENC = nvidia GPU (wenn du genug GPU Leistung übrig hast) - CBR (VBR benutzen glaub kaum jemand) - Keyframe 0 - Profil nix . AMD 5900X + Kraken Z73. The obs nvenc vs x264 both are for the encoding but have a slight difference that is based on the performance and speed. On the other side, nvenc is now proven to be best with the streaming video performance and ability to manage the high profile smoothly. It comes with the advancement or changes that offer the best user experience to run the operations smoothly. Certain changes help to. x264 ist ein plattformübergreifender Encoder für das Video-Format H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) und wird unter der GNU General Public License veröffentlicht.. Die x264-Kodierer-Bibliothek wird von Laurent Aimar, Loren Merritt, Fiona Glaser, Eric Petit, Min Chen, Justin Clay, Måns Rullgård, Radek Czyz, Christian Heine, Holger Lubitz, Alex Izvorski und Alex Wright entwickelt

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Although Streamlabs OBS is known in particular for its live streaming capabilities, it is also possible to record your computer screen as well. This tutorial will cover the settings you can optimize to achieve the best quality recording. Learn more about using Streamlabs OBS to record your screen by visiting our website. Please note, this tutorial will specifically cover the best settings to. For this text, I set NVENC and X264 to record at a bitrate of 6 Mbps. Both are also use the High profile and a keyframe interval of 2. Everything else is default for OBS Studio. I also.

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1:27 - OBS Studio Basics 3:00 - The Different Encoders (NVENC H.264, x264, QuickSync H.264) 4:11 - When to Use x264 Flowchart (PC Gaming vs Console Gaming) 5:24 - Streaming Settings: CBR vs VBR & Understanding Bitrate 6:23 - Keyframe Interval, Presets, & Profile (Main vs High) 7:05 - x264's CPU Usage Preset (ultrafast, veryfast, etc. 録画設定が固めたらOBSのメニューにある「プロファイル」に名前を付けて保存した。今回はCBR 8MbpsとVBR 40Mbpsの2通り、新旧NVENCとx264のfast/medium. Gives a notable quality boost by allowing x264 to choose between 8x8 and 4x4 frequency transform size. Required for i8x8 partitions. Speed cost for this option is near-zero both for encoding and decoding; the only reason to disable it is when one needs support on a device not compatible with High Profile. --trellis <0,1,2> (x264 x264.exe --output NUL --fps 25 --input-res 1280x720 D:\input.yuv x264 --output /dev/null --fps 30000/1001 --input-res 640x480 ~/input.yuv 预置 选项 预设的成套选项,方便、好用、少出错。更详细信息参见 x264.exe --fullhelp Profile 默认值:未设置 限定编码输出流的等级。如果你指定了等级,它将. Hallo, welche der MeGui-Profile eignen sich für DVD-Backups in x264 (Video) und Mehrkanal-AAC (Audio). Wiedergabe sollte (falls nötig) über PureVideoHD G3 möglich sein (weiß nicht, ob ein Atom 330 solche SD-Videos in x264 schafft). Ich möchte di

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  2. OBS Studio 23: Das NVENC-Profil für Turing soll die CPU entlasten. Die CPU-Version geriet bei der Einstellung x264 veryfast und hoher Last deutlich ins Stocken, mit der Einstellung x264 fast.
  3. Here is another example, an improvement from x264 ultrafast above and the optimized version below. Both encoded at 1280x720 with 2.5Mbps. Regular on the left. Optimized on the right. Here, we use machine learning to tweak x264 options based on the game, available CPU, and bandwidth. To sum-up, let us recap how Streamlabs OBS video encoding optimization helps you stream: Higher visual quality.
  4. Figure: Advanced settings window in OBS. At the bottom in the video section, update the x264 CPU Preset field to Ultrafast and the Encoding Profile field to Main. Select the custom x264 Encoder settings check box and type CRF=20 into the field provided. Click OK. You can also try lowering your game's settings to compensate. Also, close any.

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Profile: Set to High - Profile sets a group setting in H.264 Codec. It does not affect performance and provides access to a number of features that are key to streaming, so this should always be set to High. - Looking forward: Checked - This allows the encoder to dynamically choose the number of B-Frames between 0 and the number of B-Frames you specify. B-frames improve image quality but. Streamlabs OBS High End PC Settings Run Auto Optimize In Streamlabs . If you want the easy solution Streamlabs has a great feature that allows you to scan your computer and internet connection to give you the best possible settings for your setup. Just head into Streamlabs and click the settings Cog in the bottom left. You can then click the Auto Optimize button and this will set you up with. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit meinem OBS.Ich wollte da ist seit kurzen eine 100K VDSL Leitung habe wieder mit dem Livestreamen anfangen.Allerdings habe ich das Problem das OBS in der Vorschau leichte Ruckler zusehen sind. Diese sind auch bei Twitc 0x5/A 使用x264编码器的OBS设置 . 红框处. 比特率:填上述计算得到的估算的视频码率,建议取整到十位或百位。 CPU使用预设: 设备较差的(如i3机器)选veryfast,不推荐更低. 设备中等或好的,可以选faster【通用推荐】 对设备性能很有自信的,可以选fast,或更高,但不推荐过高. 配置(Profile):一定. で、今回私が紹介するのは「gpu性能が低いグラボを使っている」場合に、 obs側の設定変更で問題を解決できるかもしれない というものです。 これ、エンコーダに何を使用しているかで変わってくるんですが、エンコーダで「 x264 」以外を使っている人は、グラボのGPUを使っています

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By default, the video encoder used by OBS is x264. There are different presets involved in its operation and you can set any of these presets to balance the CPU usage and the video quality. The default encoder preset is very fast which offers the best balance in most cases. The presets indicate the running speed of the encoder. If you set a faster preset, less CPU sources will be uses and thus. OBS 25.0.1 (64-bit, windows) - Profile: Untitled File Edit View Profile Scene Collection Tools Scenes: Help side o Untitled R Audio Mixer A share Scene Transitions Scenes Scene a Type here to search Sources Display Capture 0.0 dB 0.0 dB LIVE: Controls Start Streaming Start Recording Studio Mode Settings Exit 60.00 fps Desktop Audio Mic/Aux Fade Duration REC: 300 ms 0.7%, CPU: CBS (ó4-Sit.

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x264 has been the go-to encoder in OBS for a long time. With the release of the NVIDIA RTX 20 series, this has all changed. If you have a 2080TI, 2080, 2070, 2060 or 1660 then you are in luck. A lot of hype has been surrounding the Turing NVENC encoder and the upgrade to OBS to make better use of it. Long story short, Turing wins. NVENC vs x264 vs QuickSync. Either pick your bitrate and scan. In the OBS software, there are generally two sample rates for audio are available inside the settings of the streaming audio that are 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz. So, whenever you are trying to configure these streaming settings, select the 48kHz, and then you should check the stereo option for the channel. When you open the 'Global Audio Devices' tab, you can choose between the different audio. HandBrake's H.264 Kodierer, x264, setzt die entsprechenden Level automatisch basierend auf allen anderen Einstellungen. Um sicher zu stellen, dass dein Video nicht den Rahmen eines bestimmten Levels sprengt, musst du einfach überprüfen, ob die anderen Parameter die Einschränkungen des Levels beachten

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Technical Explanations of most OBS settings General. This section should be self explanatory. Encoding Video Encoding Quality Balance. When using variable bitrate, this controls the CRF (constant rate factor) parameter in x264 (10 is CRF 22, 0 is CRF 32). This is only used with variable bitrate, and determines how the video encoder should spend. Profile: Set to High. Profile determines a group of settings in the H.264 Codec. It doesn't impact performance and gives access to a set of features that are key to streaming, so this should always be set to High. Look-ahead: Checked. This allows the encoder to dynamically select the number of B-Frames, between 0 and the number of B-Frames. Profiles. Profiles enforce a standard, ensuring compatibility with specific targets by restricting the encoding features used. Nowadays most decoders support the high profile, so this setting could be ignored. Full compatibility -profile:v baseline -level 30. Apple Devices from 2010 -profile:v main -level 31. ipad2 and AppleTV 3 -profile:v high -level 41. Hardware decoders might have a limited.

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Using master on Ubuntu 14.04 program compiled fine, starts up fine, can define scenes preview shows fine, etc.. when trying to start to record or stream i get this in console x264 [error]: invalid profile: warning: Failed to set x264 pro.. x264 --crf 17 --partitions all --8x8dct --rc-lookahead 80 --bframes 9 --subme 10 --me tesa --merange 32 --ref 16 --muxer mkv --tune ssim --trellis 2 --weightp 2 --weightb --aq-mode 3 --b-pyramid normal Use it and you'll see what i'm talking about! cuz i've ripped AVATAR Blu-ray from 38GB to 3.68GB(Total size: video_track+aac5.1_audio_track) The Quality 99.99% the source bluray! believe or not. profile : high. tune:none. x264 options: ref=5 subme=8 trellis=2 direct=3 rc_lookahead=50. with 60 fps and downscale :bicubic is pretty good for 3800 kbps that image but the cpu usage is 30-40 only for strea

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x264 offers a wide range of presets that change quality significantly, and presets above Faster require CPUs with 6+ cores. NVIDIA NVENC offers consistent quality based on the generation of the encoder. The updated NVIDIA Encoder (NVENC) on Turing-based NVIDIA GeForce GPUs (RTX 20-Series and GTX 1660/Ti) will typically produce superior quality than x264 Fast and on par with x264 medium. While. With x264 and x265, you can set the values between 0 and 51, where lower values would result in better quality, at the expense of higher file sizes. Higher values mean more compression, but at some point you will notice the quality degradation. For x264, sane values are between 18 and 28. The default is 23, so you can use this as a starting point. With ffmpeg, it'd look like this: ffmpeg -i. Best OBS Setting For Low End PCs Best OBS Studio Settings For Low End PCs Settings - Video Best Video Setting For OBS Studio for Streaming. We want to first adjust the Base Canvas Resolution.To get the best performance out of your stream you will want to set this to 1280 x 720.Your stream may not look as crisp as a 1080p stream however it will use less resources on your computer The cmdline x264 --fullhelp is pretty explicit about output bit depth from 8 to 10, not higher. Weird that -profile high10 is just silently ignored by 8bit x264. Internally, x264 compiled for high bit depth uses 16bpp for storing any 10bit data, so it probably does motion search and so on with 16bit values. And might DCT higher 16bit rather. Well, the first step is to set up OBS Studio on your PC. If you haven't already, go download the OBS Studio. Make sure to run it as admin before setting it up. If you are new to OBS Studio, go here to learn how to set up OBS Studio in under 5 mins! Then, you can proceed to adding YouTube's Stream Key to OBS Studio